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The loss of a loved one can change the lives of family members forever.  Family and friends often feel that they were unable to say goodbye or let that person know how much they meant to them.  A funeral should give an individual the opportunity to feel closure and to express these thoughts and feelings.

After a funeral service, the family and friends tend to feel sad, depressed, disconnected, and lonely.  This community of people are in need of a resource to help them deal with the heavy grief and sadness present.  A resource that will help move them from a sad, unaccepting state to a more peaceful and understanding mindset.  Enter the Comfort Gift Box.

The Comfort Gift Box is a unique collection of books that holds life-changing power. This box will help the immediate family release the sorrow felt from the loss of their loved one. It provides the opportunity for the grieved to gradually release their sorrow through prayer and scripture by journaling.  The Comfort Gift Box caters to every age, from young children to the elderly.  Show your love for the deceased with this grand gift box.


The Comfort Gift Box's unique collection consists of 50 amazing books:

  • Thy Will Be Done Adult Prayer Journal (5)

  • Thy Will Be Done Child's Prayer Journal (5)

  • Thy Will Be Done Mini Prayer Journal (35)

  • Senior Hues Peace Scripture Fill-In Workbook (5)


The Comfort Gift Box is also available as a family set of 25 or a children's set of 25.

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